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Just Peachie Ep2: A glimpse into a fiduciary financial advisor's mind w/ Sean Guldi, CFP ®

Peachie Thompson · October 11, 2021

Peachie interviews B&C Financial advisors, Chief Investment Officer Sean Guldi, CFP®. In this episode, they will answer questions surrounding what a fiduciary advisor means and talk about the current interest rate environment, alternative investments as well as what to do with the potential tax law changes in the horizon.

Just Peachie Show is a show where Peach Insurance Services, LLC's Founder and CEO, Peachie Thompson, AALU, ALMI, ACS sits down with experts in the financial and insurance world to educate consumers in matters of finance, insurance and taxes (FIT). There is also a lifestyle edition where Peachie interviews experts on health, food and culture.

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This week, Peachie spoke with Sean Guldi, CFP®, B&C Financial Advisors' Chief Investment Officer and Financial Planning Association's NE FL President Elect.

About our Guest Speaker Sean Guldi, CFP®: Sean Guldi is a Certified Financial Planner™ and has been a part of B&C Financial Advisors since 2013. He has ten years of experience in the financial services industry. Before B&C, Sean worked as an investment analyst at a large financial services firm where he helped implement and manage investment strategies for Fortune 500 companies, specifically as they related to qualified and non-qualified retirement plans.

Sean’s primary focus at B&C Financial Advisors is the daily management of client portfolios. In addition to investment management, he works with clients on several aspects of financial planning including education and retirement planning. Sean has a wide range of financial experience that equips him to help clients and their needs effectively.

Sean is a board member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) Northeast Florida Chapter. He volunteers on the board of Teacher’s Aid for Student Knowledge (TASK) St. John’s County which is responsible for promoting education in St. John’s County through the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). Sean is also a deacon at Coquina Community Church.

Sean is a University of Florida graduate where he studied Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. He and his wife have one daughter, Maisie, and a yellow Labrador retriever named Tessie. Sean and Mallory are huge Gator sports fans, and in his spare time, Sean enjoys surfing. Contact Sean at https://www.bandcfinancial.com/

Some of the items discussed in this episode are:

  • Types of financial advisors
  • Questions to ask when choosing a financial advisor
  • What is a CFP?
  • How do financial advisors get paid?
  • What to expect when working with a fee-only advisor?
  • How do fee only advisors get paid?
  • Inflation
  • Cryptocurrencies and alternative investments

Email us at contact@peachinsurance.net if you have any questions about this topic.

"Information shared during the show are opinions of the speakers and not advise for your specific situation. Consult your own specialist, attorney, CPA, financial planner or insurance advisor on all matters discussed in the Just Peachie Show".

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