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Just Peachie Ep5: An Integrated Approach to Wealth Management with Beverly Whitman, CPA, CFP® and Adam Drake, CFA

Peachie Thompson · January 24, 2022

Just Peachie Show is a show where Peach Insurance Services, LLC's Founder and CEO, Peachie Thompson, AALU, ALMI, ACS sits down with experts in the financial and insurance world to educate consumers in matters of finance, insurance and taxes (FIT). There is also a lifestyle edition where Peachie interviews experts on health, food and culture.

In this episode, Peachie interviews an amazing pair of financial professionals. Beverly Whitman, CPA, CFP® of Whitman Wealth Management and Adam Drake, CFA of Highland Investment Advisors. They talk about what it means to have tax, financial and investment planning under one roof as well as what happens when you do have them integrated. Also, here you will learn one key difference between a fee-based financial planner and fee-only financial planner.

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Some of the items discussed:

  • What is comprehensive financial planning?
  • What is the difference between a fee-based and fee-only financial planner?
  • How does one work with an integrated wealth management firm?
  • Case study of integrated tax, financial and investment planning.

A message from our guest speaker, Beverly Whitman, CPA, CFP®: It is my greatest professional desire to provide the community of Nocatee and surrounding areas with competent and professional tax preparation services as well as a proactive, integrated approach to tax & financial planning. I have over twenty-five years of experience and hold the following professional designations:

CPA (Certified Public Accountant) - since 1993


Member of the NSA (National Society of Accountants)

By combining my expertise as a CPA and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner I can help my clients see "the big picture" and assist them in minimizing their tax liability through careful planning. By choosing to work with a CPA for your tax compliance needs you know you are working with a professional who is bound by a stringent code of professional ethics.

Learn more about Beverly here: Beverly Whitman

About Adam Drake, CFA: Mr. Drake’s passion is partnering with independent financial advisors to build fee-based practices that deliver a successful investing experience to clients. At Highland, Mr. Drake is involved in investment management, operations, business development, and strategy. Before joining Highland, Mr. Drake worked as an investment analyst at Vogel Consulting LLC, a multifamily office firm serving ultra-affluent individuals. Prior to Vogel, he was a portfolio manager at a registered investment advisory firm in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Before this, he worked as an equity research analyst for Robert W. Baird & Co. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in various roles at Strong Investments (now Wells Fargo). He has been in the financial services industry since 1998. Mr. Drake holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a member of the CFA Institute. He graduated Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Finance in 2000.

Learn more about Adam here: Adam Drake

Email us at contact@peachinsurance.net if you have any questions about this topic. "Information shared during the show are opinions of the speakers and not advise for your specific situation. Consult your own specialist, attorney, CPA, financial planner or insurance advisor on all matters discussed in the Just Peachie Show".

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