Who We Serve

Fee-only financial advisors and clients nationwide.

The advisors we serve are experts in their chosen niches. They have integrity and always put their client's best interest first.

The clients we serve understand that various types of insurance play a critical part in their financial planning. They love someone or something else besides themselves.

Peachie G. Thompson, AALU, ALMI, ACS Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With over 24 years of insurance and financial services success, Peachie G. Thompson, AALU, ALMI, ACS founded Peach Insurance Services, LLC.

As a seasoned insurance advisor, C-level executive and industry leader, Peachie continues to raise the bar. Her reputation of high integrity and consistently providing top-notch level of service paved the way for Peach Insurance Services, LLC to be a financial advisor's trusted insurance partner.

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Who We Are

The fee-only advisor's trusted insurance partner. Fee-only advisors trust us because we do not compete with them. Our priority is to enhance their relationships with their clients. Fee-only advisors & clients rely on us for education as well as practical application of insurance within a financial plan. Our employees are paid by salary and not commissions; ensuring that the options we present are unbiased and not driven by sales.

We are an independently-owned Brokerage General Agency (BGA). Our reputation, decades of experience and innovative tools allow us to have independence and true direct access to major insurance companies in the USA. Typically, a BGA is a firm where insurance agents go to get access to insurance companies, back office support and in some cases, education. Because Peach Insurance Services is an independently-owned BGA serving direct consumers, our fee-only advisors and clients benefit greatly from having direct access to our resources, unique structure, relationships with insurance companies and streamlined processing of business.

“Life is Peachie Experience™” is all about putting the client’s best interest first and adhering to the highest industry standards.

What We Do

We specialize in matching the right life, long term care, disability insurance and annuity solutions with client needs and advisor recommendations.

Case Design

Whether insurance is used for lifestyle protection, wealth accumulation, business, retirement, final expense or legacy planning, fee-only advisors and clients know that we craft insurance solutions based on their goals and plans.

Pricing Economics

Comparing rates, benchmarking products and doing pricing analysis to maximize results.

Ratings & Strengths

We seek solid financials, great reputation and client service when choosing a carrier to present.

Product Analysis

Deep understanding of contracts and product features are critical components of our creations.


Fee-only advisors and clients enjoy receiving competitive underwriting offers as a direct result of our signature In-house Concierge Underwriting paired with our proprietary Peach Insurance Qualification (PIQ).

Lab-free Accelerated Process

We match qualified clients with suitable programs for a modern policy acquisition experience.

Peach Insurance Qualification

We customize solutions based on intelligent underwriting assumptions using our proprietary process.

In-house Underwriting

We use our decades of experience to procure the best possible risk class/pricing for clients.

Peach Insurance Client Services (PICS™)

Regular ongoing policy reviews and services for existing policies are some of the major benefits fee-only advisors and clients enjoy when working with Peach Insurance Services.

Ongoing Policy Check-up

Policies we write are reviewed on a regular basis.

Policy Resuscitation

Fee-only advisors and clients come to us for help with policies that may not be performing as sold.

Lifetime Client Service

Our clients stay with us for life because we help from the buying process all the way to claim time.


Fee-only advisors and consumers come to us to learn about life, disability, long term care insurance and annuities in an unbiased way. We also provide continuing education for licensed professionals.

Life Insurance

Death and taxes are certain. Learn how to transfer or mitigate the risk associated with these two.

Disability Insurance

Learn how to protect a sound financial plan when one's ability to earn an income suddenly ceases.

The Just Peachie Show

A show that empowers & educates consumers on Finance, Insurance, Taxes and Lifestyle.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care insurance or self fund? We give you the information you need.

What To Expect

Life is Peachie (LiP™) Experience

Your and your client's best interests are always in front of our minds. Your insurance solution is crafted by professionals, carefully benchmarked then selected to suit your client's needs and your recommendations.

Your client's insurance solution is provided by solid insurance companies. We monitor current events, consider insurance company level of service and financial ratings when presenting you options.

Your client's insurance portfolio is reviewed on an ongoing basis as opposed to one-time transactions.

Your time is valuable. Expect our high attention to detail, innovative tools and streamlined processes to help shorten the insurance procurement process.

Your privacy is important. Expect your data to be handled with utmost confidentiality, HIPPA compliance and be well-protected.

Client’s Best Interest

Our processes adhere to CFP®’s Code and Standards as well as Insurance State Regulators

Policy Reviews

Your policies are monitored and serviced for life. We are here for you all the way to claim time.


Because we are a Brokerage General Agency and not beholden to one carrier, your insurance design and carrier are carefully chosen to suit your unique situation.

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